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How to Root HTC 10!

Want to root your HTC 10?  You will have to unlock the bootloader (which will wipe EVERYTHING on your phone), install TWRP recovery, then install a modified version of SuperSU.  After that, you will have full root/full admin access to your HTC 10.

If you have backed up everything, then let’s start the process.  You can use Windows, Mac, Linux/Ubuntu, or Chromebook to do this.  (For Chromebook, you will need the ADB for Chrome)


Viper10 ROM for HTC 10!

For those of you looking a good custom ROM based on HTC Sense along with some great performance and customization, definitely check out Viper10 ROM.

Based on latest HTC build 1.80.401.1, Viper10 ROM gives you a ton of tweaks like 4×5 launcher, fully-customized status bar, WiFi calling support for all carriers (that support it like T-Mobile/Sprint), landscape mode for launcher and settings, and much more.With its Venom Tweaks, you get full control of the status bar, colors, lockscreen, buttons, gestures, fingerprint, and much much more.

Is Rooting HTC 10 Dangerous? 0

Is Rooting HTC 10 Dangerous?

I know many of you have that question, “is rooting HTC 10 dangerous?”

Well, it can be dangerous in the sense that fire and water are dangerous.  If you know what you are doing or at least follow instructions to the t, rooting HTC 10 is a piece of cake and in the worst case you can easily unroot/unbrick your phone using our unroot tutorial.

Why Root HTC 10? 0

Why Root HTC 10?

Why root HTC 10?

Actually the question you should be asking is, “why are you not rooting HTC 10?” because without a doubt, the HTC 10 is most rootable Android smartphone this year.  While Samsung has decided to disable root on all their U.S. models on the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, HTC has been going strong providing customers bootloader unlock tools.

Lost Radio on HTC 10?  Here’s How to Get It Back! 0

Lost Radio on HTC 10? Here’s How to Get It Back!

If you’ve lost radio, if your HTC 10 no longer recognizes your SIM card or doesn’t connect to 4G LTE data or cannot make calls after rooting, there an easy fix for this.  This is usually caused by rooting your phone but perhaps you followed the wrong rooting instructions.   There’s a lot of HTC 10 root tutorials floating online that will cause this to happen as they are written by people who don’t even have the phone.


How to Unroot/Unbrick HTC 10!

If you ever screw up your HTC 10, perhaps end up in a nasty bootloop, lose radio while rooting, or simply want to return your HTC 10 back to 100% stock software, there’s an easy way to do it.

Now, this will work on any HTC 10 so long as you have the correct RUU.  As of writing this post, there’s only RUU out for the unlocked version of HTC 10, which should work on all GSM versions of HTC 10.