How to Root HTC 10!

Want to root your HTC 10?  You will have to unlock the bootloader (which will wipe EVERYTHING on your phone), install TWRP recovery, then install a modified version of SuperSU.  After that, you will have full root/full admin access to your HTC 10.

If you have backed up everything, then let’s start the process.  You can use Windows, Mac, Linux/Ubuntu, or Chromebook to do this.  (For Chromebook, you will need the ADB for Chrome)

Step 1. Go into Settings->About->Software information->More then tap on the “Build number” about 5 times until it says you are a developer.


Step 2. Tap the back button 3 times and you will see a new menu called, “Developer options”, tap on that.



Step 3. Make sure “OEM unlocking” is checked ON like below:


Step 4. Power off your HTC 10 then hold down the Volume Down and Power buttons together for about 5 seconds until you see the HTC logo.


Step 5. You should now be in “HTC download mode”, connect a USB Type C cable from your phone to your computer.


Step 6. You will need to download the following files and unzip the into a folder called “fastboot” inside your download folder.



Download TWRP for HTC 10

Download SuperSU (use this version ONLY as it’s especially modified for HTC 10)

Download HTC 10 Drivers


Step 7. For Windows, run the HTC 10 drivers program first.  No drivers needed for Mac, Linux, or Chromebook.

Max Lee

Max Lee is a seasoned veteran of rooting various different Android smartphones. He makes easy-to-follow root guides for various Android smartphone including the HTC 10.

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