Lost Radio on HTC 10? Here’s How to Get It Back!

If you’ve lost radio, if your HTC 10 no longer recognizes your SIM card or doesn’t connect to 4G LTE data or cannot make calls after rooting, there an easy fix for this. ¬†This is usually caused by rooting your phone but perhaps you followed the wrong rooting instructions. ¬† There’s a lot of HTC 10 root tutorials floating online that will cause this to happen as they are written by people who don’t even have the phone.

If there’s no video tutorial that follows the root tutorial (like our root tutorial), make sure you do not follow them as it will make you lose radio.

Also, the HTC 10 cannot be rooted like previois HTC phones like HTC One as the latest root method is different due to changes on the HTC 10.

But if you did follow one of these faulty root methods and lost radio, you can use our unroot guide which will restore your radio and unrooting is the only way to restore radio at the moment.

Max Lee

Max Lee is a seasoned veteran of rooting various different Android smartphones. He makes easy-to-follow root guides for various Android smartphone including the HTC 10.

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