Is Rooting HTC 10 Dangerous?

I know many of you have that question, “is rooting HTC 10 dangerous?”

Well, it can be dangerous in the sense that fire and water are dangerous.  If you know what you are doing or at least follow instructions to the t, rooting HTC 10 is a piece of cake and in the worst case you can easily unroot/unbrick your phone using our unroot tutorial.

Even water can be dangerous if you leave the kitchen faucet all day long, probably flooding your kitchen, ruining the hardwood floors, eventually flooding the whole house.  The simple act of knowing how to turn off the faucet can save you.

Likewise, rooting is not dangerous at all if you use some common sense and follow instructions carefully.

Can you brick HTC 10?

Oh yeah, you can brick it, end up in a bootloop but easily reversible simple by unrooting.  If you absolutely do not follow directions, perhaps install a custom ROM intended for another brand smartphone, that could brick it.

But I have seen absolutely zero bricks from people who have at least some common sense and do not try things they shouldn’t.  If you are one of those people who absolutely cannot follow directions then it might be dangerous.  Otherwise, rooting is safe as rooting tools have evolved over the years making it easy for anyone to root HTC 10.

Max Lee

Max Lee is a seasoned veteran of rooting various different Android smartphones. He makes easy-to-follow root guides for various Android smartphone including the HTC 10.

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