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One of the biggest advantages that HTC 10 has over its rivals Samsung and LG is that they are still about giving people options and unlocked bootloaders as its their right.

You paid 700 dollars for a brand, new smartphone, you should have a final say on whether you want to have full admin access or not.  Otherwise it’s like you bought a house but part of your house still belongs to the energy company and you cannot access that part of your house.

Of course, rooting isn’t something you just do one day, you have to learn about code, command line, installing drivers, and all the nitty gritty things that are involved.  It may sound like not much but what you are in fact doing is customizing the engine of your phone, just like you would on a car.

Is rooting educational?  Hell yes, it gets you to learn about how computers and smartphones work.  It may not seem directly correlated with technology or computers but by rooting, you are in fact learning to code, the tip of the iceburg.

When I started with computers, I played games all day long.  But in the end, what made me good at computers was the fact that I was simply using it to do things.  That made me a very fast typer at an early age and I could solve any computer problem pretty easily, surprising my parents.  Likewise, that’s what rooting can do for you, get you used to using technology.

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Max Lee

Max Lee is a seasoned veteran of rooting various different Android smartphones. He makes easy-to-follow root guides for various Android smartphone including the HTC 10.

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