CM13 ROM for HTC 10 Coming Soon!

If you are disappointed that CM13 ROM is not yet available for the HTC 10, do not worry as CyanogenMod Team is already working on this.  The good news is that the HTC 10 is based on Snapdragon 820, which is fully supported by CM Team so it’s only matter of time we should be able to load up good ol’ CyanogenMod and dump Sense UI altogether.

This also means that many AOSP ROM developers like Resurrection Remix, Paranoid Android, LiquidSmooth, and others will join in to make ton of custom ROMs.  But we must wait for the CM13 as there’s still no experimental builds and for those of you who desire stability, you may want to wait it out a few weeks before installing as first builds can be unstable.

We should have updates on CM13 ROM for the HTC 10 as soon as it’s available.  If you want to be notified, simply sign up for our e-mail newsletter here.

Max Lee

Max Lee is a seasoned veteran of rooting various different Android smartphones. He makes easy-to-follow root guides for various Android smartphone including the HTC 10.

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